Blitnauts are public domain

One month ago we released the Blitnauts expansion pack for free to all Blitmap collectors. It has been an astounding success, raising the bar for NFT minting experiences as a whole, while continuing to push forward on our community crafted ethos.

Today, in keeping with our commitment to make Blitmap a public domain universe, we have released the Blitnaut collection under CC0.

You are free to use the Blitnaut collection for any reason and without restriction, personally or commercially. This includes any selection of characters within it or the collection as a whole. Of course, it also allows you to create your own Blitnauts or otherwise incorporate or extend any aspect of the collection or universe into your work in any way that you like.

We will continue to collaborate with the community to develop our own lore for the Blitmap universe, but will also ensure that our approach allows for the possibility of infinite dimensions and timelines. In other words, everything is canon. We believe this represents a new and emerging opportunity to collaboratively build a multifaceted universe of substance.

Does my derivative also need to be public domain?

No. There may be mutual community benefits in it but it is entirely up to you.

Do I need to acknowledge Blitmap or Blitnauts in my derivative?

No. There may be mutual community benefits in it but it is entirely up to you.

I’m making a commercial derivative. Do I need to share profits with Blitmap?


Does this include merch/games/toys/shows/etc?

Yes. You can do whatever you like.

What about naming?

CC0 does not affect trademark rights. We are working on opening up the naming separately, but this will require a little more work on our end. For now, we would ask that you refrain from the following phrasing in your derivative works: “Official”, “Canon”, “Blitmap(s)” or “Blitnaut(s)” followed by any sequence number, or just “Blitnauts(s)”.

✅ My Little Blitnauts

✅ Baby Blitnauts

✅ Blitnauts & Friends

✅ Blitnauts Go West

✅ CryptoBlitnauts (don't use this name, it's terrible)

❌ Blitnauts

❌ Blitnauts 2

❌ Blitnauts Mk III

❌ Blitnauts Part 4

❌ Official Baby Blitnauts

We love NFTs and the new possibilities they open for world building and storytelling. Building a public domain fictional universe is a bet on the NFT premise as a whole. It is also a natural extension of our own “community crafted” values. We are looking forward to seeing what we can make together.

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