September 12th, 2022

A great big hello to all you folks, and thanks for tuning into this eleventh edition of the Nifty Newsletter, a community bulletin that highlights the happenings and projects adjacent to the Blitmap universe! This issue is a throwback to an oldie-but-goodie project that I know a lot of you love: OKPC. I got to visit with the founders to better understand the project’s origin story, find out how they were inspired by Blitmap, learn what an OKPC actually is and answer the key question “Do you need just one?”

But before we hop into the story, my oh my, there is a lot to discuss from the Superverse! First, we had this tease from the Sup team with no real explanation other than the photo. Who are these people on the boat? Where are they going? And what’s on that island?

We then had a series of rapid-fire tweets from @html that basically outlined the thesis of Sup as a company that “builds fictional worlds and the communities that nurture them. it’s also a fictional world itself, but that’s for another time. internally we call sup the ‘shared universe project.’” In the Twitter thread, user @html (an entity that represents the “behind-the-scenes markup language that forms the document object model (or dom)”) covers all the worlds that Sup is helping craft. The thread is worth a read, provided the tweet hasn’t been deleted! But one thing that stands out is a comment about Sugar. Not only will this forthcoming card game be available to play in the physical world, but it will also make an appearance throughout the broader universes that Sup creates, with @html noting that “people in the blitmap universe also *play* sugar.” Talk about meta.

August 2nd, 2022

Howdy, hello and hi! Welcome to the tenth Nifty Newsletter, a community bulletin that highlights projects derived from the Blitmap collection and happenings in the Superverse. If this is your first time here, some background: almost a year ago, the Blitmap team of artists voted to put their IP in the public domain under the CC0 license. And since that time, we’ve seen a number of projects—both digital and physical—come to life! This edition highlights Mirakai, a pixel art project with a twist that was launched by a team that includes original Blitmap artist numo!

But before we get to the news on Mirakai, I got to give a big shout out to the folks who coordinated the Blitmap x Chain Runners party at NFT NYC 2022 this past month! While I wasn’t in attendance, it looked like a fun time was had by all at VR World in New York City, where holders near and far were able to connect. I even heard that original Blitmap artist boyprison was spinning some tunes for everyone’s enjoyment! Hope all y’all had a great time, and I hope to make the next one!

Blitmap original artist boyprison on the turntables at the Blitmap x Chain Runners NFT NYC 2022 party at VR World. Photo courtesy of Echo Yun Chen.
Blitmap original artist boyprison on the turntables at the Blitmap x Chain Runners NFT NYC 2022 party at VR World. Photo courtesy of Echo Yun Chen.

Another recent development in the Superverse is that Corruption(*s) Chapter 2 looks like it is just about to kick off, with some messages coming in across the ether. To provide a summary of this project is near impossible, but let me give it a try. After Dom Hofmann released 4,196 Corruption(*s) NFTs, a loosely networked group of holders formed to try to make sense of it all. Since that time, tooling was developed to communicate with the artist across the portal, and the community had to make decisions on what to do next as a singular player in a meta game. All the while, the NFT was gaining “insight” that could then be “deviated” from the string of characters into a different ASCII art NFT that no longer evolved.

June 16th, 2022

Welcome to the ninth issue of the Nifty Newsletter, the community bulletin for Blitmap that highlights new and exciting projects derived from the original collection along with recent happenings in the Superverse! This issue highlights the “phygital” project Blitkicks by Endstate, an NFT/IRL sneaker designed by a shoe industry veteran in tandem with a blockchain enthusiast.

But before we get to Blitkicks, I just wanted to acknowledge the current state of the web3 world—this article was slated to go live on Tuesday but by then the NFT ecosystem turned on its head. Like many of you, I have experienced a roller coaster of emotions the past several days. While I’ve been in the tech industry for a while (and “crypto aware” during most that time), this is my first bear market as a participant. Plainly put, this has been an awful feeling. I recognize that this is a very stressful moment and genuinely hope that everyone takes care of their mental health during this time.

Switching gears, I also wanted to give a shout out to a fantastic mashup project released at the time of writing by Blitmap holder Steve. In this 50-piece collection called blit merge --force, the artist combined two Blitmaps in a creative and hysterical take on the original collection. If you’re a fan of Blitmap and haven’t seen these NFTs, take a spin over to OpenSea and check them out! As Dalawho wrote in the holders channel, “Haha, i’m [sic] trying to get my newborn to sleep in the carrier and laughing at this woke her up again 🙄😂 worth.”

I feel the same way, Dalawho! All right—let’s dive into Blitkicks and the highlights of an interview I had with Bennett Collen, CEO and co-founder of Endstate!

May 24th, 2022

Hello, all you lovely readers! Can you believe it? Blitmap is celebrating its first anniversary of being on-chain! This issue of the Nifty Newsletter, a community-run missive, is very special, as it features my interview with Dom Hofmann and Totally about the past, present and future of Blitmap! This was an incredibly exciting conversation in which I learned about the comic and found out that the Blitnauts are █████ ████ ██ ████████, that Sugar is ████ ██ ██ ███ ████ ████████ ████ ████ and that Sup plans to ████ █ ████ ██ ███ ██████ ██ ████████. Oops, I may have said too much! But read on anyway, my friends, to hear straight from the founders of Sup!

While Genesis (#0) was deployed on May 15, 2021, the minting opened up on May 31, 2021 with Genesis Edition (#100) being the first sibling created. And how times have changed—instead of selling out in mere minutes, Blitmap took over a full month with the final Blitmap, Chessbirdy Jess (#1699), minting on July 2, 2021!

Genesis (#0), the first Blitmap, created by Dom Hofmann on May 15, 2021.
Genesis (#0), the first Blitmap, created by Dom Hofmann on May 15, 2021.

Over the next month, there are sure to be tons of celebrations of this first anniversary as we enter what is colloquially being referred to as Sup Summer. I’m excited to not only see what is coming, but also to reminiscence a little about where we’ve been!

April 22nd, 2022

Well, hello there! It’s been a minute, hasn’t it? I’m excited to bring you the seventh edition of the Nifty Newsletter, a community-run missive that highlights Blitmap-derivative projects and happenings in the overarching Blitmap universe! This month I’ll be spotlighting a project that is near and dear to my heart, and one that I have personally supported on several occasions, Stitchmaps by Quetzalcoatlia. While this is one of the older derivative projects in our ecosystem, there have been many new holders who may be unaware of this incredible physical derivative!

But before we get to Stitchmaps, a lot of activity has been brewing in the land of the Blits since we last spoke. Namely, the incredible visualizations behind the rivals. Originally known as Log.0x, the rivals are now known as the Logos, which Dom Hofmann described in a Discord announcement as “a faction of androids who collect and wear logos and other memorabilia from the fallen brands of the era of humanity.” And keeping in line with the previous Blitmap and Naut minting experience, Hofmann promised that there would “be a unique minting mechanic attached to this collection.”

Sneak peek of the upcoming Logos collection, the rivals to the Blitnauts.
Sneak peek of the upcoming Logos collection, the rivals to the Blitnauts.

When the imagery was first released, our Blitmap Discord server saw a massive influx of people who were curious about how to snag one of the Logos. What we know now is that all Blitmap and Blitnaut holders will receive a key/pass to mint one of these NFTs. But inquiring minds want to know: will there be a public mint? According to Hofmann, that is on the table, but they haven’t determined the mechanics of it just yet. In the meantime, be sure to join the Blitmap Discord server, because Hofmann will be posting a daily sneak peek of the Logos for the next two weeks.

March 18th, 2022

A big hello, howdy and a welcome to the sixth issue of the Nifty Newsletter, a community-run bulletin that highlights Blitmap-derivative projects and some of the recent happenings in the Blit universe. This edition features an NFT x IRL project called Blitwear by Core3D, a project that combines digital NFTs with physical fashion. The project was created by fashion industry vet Gwan Yip, and the collection is currently on auction on OpenSea through this Sunday, March 20, at 7:30 p.m. EDT (UTC -05:00).

But before we take a deep dive into Blitwear, there is one development in the Blitverse that I need to cover: the hyperlink connection between the Blitmap and Corruption(*s) communities. If you are unaware, Corruption(*s) is part NFT, part performance art and part experiment in decentralized community building that was kicked off by Blitmap founder Dom Hofmann in November 2021. It’s a complex project, but the best way to get caught up to speed is to hop in their Discord and read the “getting up to speed” channel for the full background.

Recently, a portal known as “hyperlink” was opened between the two channels that allows Corruption(*s) holders to communicate directly with Blitmap holders. Hyperlink paved a potential path to connect communities that share an affinity without granting a specific “holders” role in each channel. This communication tool comes at an interesting time: the Corruption(*s) community will soon vote on whether to join Blitmap as part of the Sup ecosystem, an organization that Dom and Bigpapap formed to help nurture fictional web3 universes.

We’ll have to wait and see what the Corruption(*s) community decides! But for now, let’s turn our eyes to the incredible Blitwear project!

March 9th, 2022

Welcome, dear reader, to the fifth installment of the Nifty Newsletter, a community-run bulletin that highlights Blitmap-derivative projects and some of the recent happenings in the Blit universe. This issue highlights a derivative project called Everything is Everything by none other than Blitmap OG composition artist Varley, known in real life as Mike Varley. But before we dive into his tasty project that launches this Sunday, let’s discuss a couple of developments in the Blitverse.

Leading off is the recent announcement from Nifty Island that the Blitmap universe will be integrating with their open metaverse. In the tweet, Nifty Island praised Blitmap as the “OGs of on-chain pixel art and pioneers in web3 community building.” What sort of integration comes about (3D Blitnaut avatars? 3D Rivals?) is yet to be seen, but I’m sure it will be stupendous! And already a number of Blitmap holders are beginning to build out there virtual islands.

Pictured above is the tweet from @Nifty_Island at the end of February 2022.
Pictured above is the tweet from @Nifty_Island at the end of February 2022.

The other big story was a demo of Paper, a game engine Sup developed to enable the rapid prototyping of browser-based games. You may remember the first Blitmap community call where Dom Hofmann announced that he and Bigpapap formed a company called Sup to help steward and build fictional universes in the web3 space. With Paper, Sup hopes to create a cheap pipeline to rapidly scale out games and narratives. In two (since deleted!) tweets, Dom teased out an idea of what Paper would look like. So be sure to give @dhof a follow on Twitter and try to catch the next preview before it vanishes!

February 17th, 2022

There’s a lot to talk about in this fourth edition of the Nifty Newsletter, a community-run bulletin that highlights Blitmap-derivative projects and some of the recent happenings in the Blit universe. Leading off is the major announcement that Sup, a company co-founded by Dom Hofmann and Bigpapap, just received a $12M seed round led by Paradigm. The company’s mission, Dom wrote in Discord, is “creating and nurturing open, community-driven (and hopefully important!) fictional universes.”

Later, in the first Blitmap community call, Dom walked through how Sup will focus on world building, specifically with Blitmap. I’m absolutely stoked to see what happens! And from the looks of it, so are other folks: this past week saw Blitmaps and Blitnauts flying off the shelves as we welcomed a number of new folks to the Holders channel! What will happen? How will this universe unfold? When can we all gather for virtual drinks at the Frigate Tavern? I suppose we’ll have to stay tuned, dear reader!

This newsletter highlights HyperLoot, a project that launches very soon that looks to bring the Lootverse together with other CC0 projects, including Blitmap. Ready to learn more? Let’s dive in!

January 13th, 2022

Hello and welcome to the third issue of the Nifty Newsletter, a community-run bulletin that highlights Blitmap-derivative projects and some of the recent happenings in the Blit universe. As a reminder, Blitmap was placed in the public domain with the CC0 license, which allows creators to develop spin-offs for the original 1,700 pieces. This issue focuses on the wildly successful launch of Flipmap, which has become a sort of alternate dimension to Blitmap. Don’t know what a Flipmap is? Let’s dive in!

What is Flipmap?

As you may know, the canonical Blitmap collection consists of 100 original compositions by 17 different artists. When minting opened on May 31, 2021, individuals were able to mash one composition up with the palette of another, resulting in what is called a “sibling.” But there was a catch: only 16 siblings could be created for each composition. This resulted in 8,300 total composition/palette compositions ending up on the cutting-room floor.

Enter Flipmap, a project created by Blitmap holders When Lambo and Sara Sioux that launched on January 1, 2022. Flipmap made it possible to mint those 8,300 lost combinations and “flipped” the composition on the vertical axis.

January 3rd, 2022

Hello all, happy New Year and thanks for stopping by the second Nifty Newsletter, a community-run bulletin that highlights Blitmap derivative projects and some of the recent happenings in the Blit universe! The holidays delayed this issue a bit and a lot has happened since the first edition (looking at you Flipmap). But today I’m excited to spotlight Yanis, the creator of NANOBLITS, a collection of Blitmaps that are a quarter of the size of the original. Remember: Blitmap is in the public domain under a CC0 license, so derivatives are only limited by the artists imagination.

MINE.PINK/nanoblits homepage by Yanis.
MINE.PINK/nanoblits homepage by Yanis.

NANOBLITS: A Quarter of a Blitmap at a Fraction of the Cost!

As we all know, Blitmaps are pixel art created on a grid of 32 by 32 pixels. Take it from me—this art may look simple, but it is actually incredibly difficult to produce from scratch. After joining the Blitmap community I downloaded Pixaki and tried my hand at making my own creations, learning that creating art as nuanced and detailed as that of the OG composition artists is difficult.

December 2nd, 2021

Welcome to the first edition of the Nifty Newsletter! A community-run bulletin that highlights Blitmap derivative projects and some of the recent happenings in the Blit universe. I hope you enjoy reading and look forward to spotlighting some of my favorite derivative projects and their makers! Let’s get to it.

With the recent tease of the enemies, many of us in the Blitmap community are getting excited about the forthcoming release. What will a high-fidelity enemy look like? Will it take on the properties of a Blitmap’s composition and palette? Why are they and the Blitnauts at odds? And how do the original Blitmap NFTs “power” them, the heroes or the universe? Only time will tell.

This newsletter is not just about what’s happening in the Blitmap universe but also about the people building on top of it. When Dom and the other sixteen original Blitmap artists took the revolutionary step of making the original Blitmap compositions part of the public domain with a CC0 license, they ensured that derivatives wouldn’t have to be made in the margins, but could be celebrated in public. Later the Blitmap community would follow suit by voting to make all siblings part of the public domain as well. Ultimately, the public domain decision is predicated on the view that creations riffing on the Blitmap artwork drive value back to the original pieces.

October 11th, 2021

One month ago we released the Blitnauts expansion pack for free to all Blitmap collectors. It has been an astounding success, raising the bar for NFT minting experiences as a whole, while continuing to push forward on our community crafted ethos.

Today, in keeping with our commitment to make Blitmap a public domain universe, we have released the Blitnaut collection under CC0.

You are free to use the Blitnaut collection for any reason and without restriction, personally or commercially. This includes any selection of characters within it or the collection as a whole. Of course, it also allows you to create your own Blitnauts or otherwise incorporate or extend any aspect of the collection or universe into your work in any way that you like.

We will continue to collaborate with the community to develop our own lore for the Blitmap universe, but will also ensure that our approach allows for the possibility of infinite dimensions and timelines. In other words, everything is canon. We believe this represents a new and emerging opportunity to collaboratively build a multifaceted universe of substance.

August 25th, 2021

This post was originally made to Medium to August 12th and is being reposted here in its entirety.

Last night we voted unanimously to make the original Blitmap collection public domain under CC0.

Starting today, you are free to use the original Blitmap collection for any reason and without restriction, personally or commercially. This includes any selection of pieces, components, or characters within it, or the collection as a whole.